Tantric studio Bratislava

Tantric massages of the best quality are awaiting you in our massage studio in Bratislava. Beautiful, always smiling masseuses will welcome you in our beautiful premises, which are discreet and clean. We are at your disposal for 4 years allready, and we are always doing our best to get better in order to meet all your wishes. Immerse yourself in oasis of leisure, excitement and replenish your energy. Tantric massage will let you experience an unknown feelings and caress all of your senses.

A ritual of tantra massage is based on the philosophy and principles that are gaining an increasing popularity among the men all over the world. It let´s you break away from your daily routine and thoroughly enjoy the moment. This massage combines the elements of the ancient tantric-taotic techniques and classic techniques with a personally intimate approach between the giver and the recipient. The giver is a sensitive guide, that assists the recipient to explore and develop their own sexuality. Part of the massage are the different kinds of touches, from subtle to dynamic ones. It also includes massage of the whole body from the head to the tips of your toes. During tantric massage giver also massages and stimulates intimate areas of the receiver. In Tantra, they are called yoni for women and lingam for men. Tantra is about exploring the sexuality of your own body, therefore it is important to respect the limits of the giver. This means, there is no sex or oral sex during massage. Nudity is completely natural during tantric massage, so it allows you to put your barriers away and enjoy a feeling of complete freedom and relaxation. The sense of physical purity of the recipient is very important, so each room is equipped with its own shower.

Come visit us, delve into the depths of relaxation and relief, enjoy the moment and you will leave with a smile.

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